About NBA Assets

What is NBAassets.com?

A database ranking every NBA team’s assets, maintained and edited by Eric Goldwein (@Hoop_76), Xylon Dimoff (@xylondimoff) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek). By grouping together players, picks, and rights held prospects -- in a thought-out, albeit subjective order -- we hope to offer a different way of looking at the league’s 30 franchises.

You may have noticed that we are no longer a spreadsheet. Nick Renner, a Philadelphia based developer and Sixers fan, has been building this into a real website, and your patience and feedback are welcome (@NBAassets) as we continue trying to make it better. In the meantime, you can continue visiting the original spreadsheet which will be updated more regularly.

How are the rankings determined?

Think of this as a fantasy draft where you are the general manager, and your goal is building and sustaining a championship contender (as opposed to generating profit). An asset’s value is determined by its projected production, contract, and likelihood of re-signing with given team. Superstars and potential stars are ranked at the top, bad contracts at the bottom, and everything else in between.

Who are you and why should we trust your rankings?

The site's founders are journalists and NBA addicts. Eric Goldwein writes for The Washington Post. Bryan Toporek, a CBA wizard, writes for Education Week and various NBA blogs. Xylon Dimoff writes for the Indianapolis Star and LibertyBallers.com.

For the last four years, we’ve been blogging about Sam Hinkie and the Philadelphia 76ers at Hoop76.com. Assets are all we know.

Each player and draft pick was evaluated based on information from online resources and input from various NBA writers. Advanced metrics such as 538’s CARMELO and ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus carried a lot of weight, but we also relied on publicly available scouting reports and write-ups. Everything from age, to injury history, to contract, to agent was taken into account. (And here’s an explanation for how we evaluated draft picks.)

That said, this is a highly subjective exercise. Its purpose is not to definitely declare one asset superior to another, but rather to present NBA rosters in a new way, from the perspective of the armchair GM. These are fluid lists that will be updated regularly, so comments, critiques, and corrections are encouraged.

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